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About Evidence-Based Psychotherapy

Deciding to engage in psychotherapy is a big step and can feel intimidating. Even trickier can be finding the right fit with a therapist and therapy approach. While many factors contribute to success in therapy, there is one that is easily identifiable and which reliably produces results across a variety of patients and therapists alike: treatments that have been proven to work via peer-reviewed research.


Unfortunately, in the mental health field, it is not always obvious if a therapist is using an evidence-based approach. The primary reasons that evidence-based psychotherapies are the most effective way to make change include:

  • They have been​ evaluated extensively to ensure their effectiveness

  • Interventions are protocol-based to ensure they are implemented consistently by the therapist to produce the desired change

  • Protocol-based interventions are time-limited by design, so you can get on with your life!

  • Your therapist tracks your progress as you go (measurement-based care) so adjustments can be made whenever needed so you can get better, faster

There are many evidence-based psychotherapies out there, and it is important to have a unique treatment plan for each unique client. I will work with you in our first sessions to identify the best treatment fit according to your goals, your availability, and your desired timeline.

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